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that have since shut its doors. excluding nelson cruz of texas rangers everett cabrera of the san diego padre spirit >> i think that this point with health permitting we should expect to see all is rodriquez for the next of the season and what happens after that we would just have to wait and see. $275 million contract and made him the highest-paid player in major-league baseball. >> pam: kron 4's john fenoglio is at a-t-&-t park tonight. where giants fans are reacting to news of a-rod's and other players suspensions. >> reporter: of the giants fans we spoke of today says that a riot got what he deserved. >> i believe he should be banned from baseball. . he needs to go away >> he did it once and you know what the consequences are you should be dealt with at penalized. >> i receive less home runs and have done fairly. not to get a home run because they're using enhancement drugs. >> a lot of people look up to him. >> i am a varsity coach in chicago and our young kids are looking up to these guys that are making bad decisions. they're being bad role models and make bad choices as someone
in jail. >> george zimmerman was pulled over by police in texas over the weekend - for speeding. this is dashcam video obtained by tmz. where you can hear the officer giving zimmerman a verbal warning. let's give it a listen. >> just slowdown a little battle cry.just slowed down a le bit okay. >> yes, you did hear the officer say to leave the firearm in the glove compartment. no word on why george zimmerman was in texas. as to why he had a firearm. zimmerman's family says he's received death threats since being acquitted for shooting trayvon martin - the 17- year-old unarmed teenager. pam? >> pam: o-j simpson has been granted parole. but he's still not getting out of jail anytime soon! today's announcement is related to his 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery convictions. the reason for parole? good behavior! simpson's parole becomes effective on october 2nd. but he still faces at least four more years in prison on other charges. simpson was serving a maximum 33-year sentence for his role in a 2007 hotel robbery. he claims he was recovering his own property from some sports memora
they have a lot of evidence.and think dimaggio could be headed either to texas or canada. but they're not ruling anything out. the f-b-i is helping in the investigation. >> reporter:and coming up in our next half hour--- how authorities used >> pam: smartphones to send out the emergency amber alert. that's tonight at 8-30. >> pam: police are searching for a woman who went missing fromhome in oakland. but so far, there's no sign of her. kron 4's charles clifford is live in oakland with what we're learning tonight. charles, what do neighbors have to say about her disappearance? >> reporter: she is described as been 50 years old african-american and 5 ft. and and just talk. she lives alone eileen street her car was found monday evening about to moss from then on 32nd street. section 2 of herself fan profound and the rise is on the ground. in oakland. she was very low light and nationally taken by surprise as she disappeared. since >> she was not an outgoing person i could tell she had a couple of close friends that came by but i couldn't sing 11 any harm. since >> reporter: she has n
for saying of then-president george w bush: "we're ashamed the president of the united states is from texas." some radio stations refused to play their songs. the missouri chapter of the naacp wants the secret service and the justice department to investigate of fox news' sean hannity. :really, this is how they- you want your government to taxpayer dollars investigating this?" california public schools this year are joining a nationwide effort to adopt uniform standards in the classroom. it's a concept known as 'common core.' san jose unified and hundreds more school districts across california this year have joined schools in 44 other states in adopting the so-called common core standards initiative. it's a kind of accountability movement designed to ensure all students have a 'common core' of knowledge they need to be successful in life. the new standards are designed to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. the standards will be the creating a de-facto national curriculum. download our new kron4 mobile app -- and check out the special 'back to
puppy in texas gets to see the world for the very first time. and it's all thanks to the kindness of strangers. we'll explain. next. 70's who around the bay. >> brian: 70's around the bay. we will tell you everything you need to know, coming up. >> vicki: the new kron 4 news app is very easy to use easy to download. just grab your smart phone or your wireless device and click on the app store. google play or the apple itunes store and just search for kron 4. after you install it, this will take you to the landing page. you'll be able to get what you want. you are not going to have to hunt for what you want. and a special section on the bart strike, traffic, weather, and even submit photos of breaking news. you can also watch live streams from our special sections such as "people behaving badly", "the gabe slate tech report" or my personal favorite, "dine and dish'.. download it today and tell us what you think. the new kron 4 news app. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switc
hit a two-run home run to help the oakland a's end the texas rangers' five-game winning streak with a 4-2 victory. jed lowrie and eric sogard also drove in runs for the al west division leading a's. brandon moss and coco crisp each added two hits. { >>> simon cowell's love child controversy. will he be forced to take a paternity test? >>> plus, new details on the anthony weiner scandal. i'm rob marciano. >>> simon, the married new york socialite, and the baby at the center of the alleged love triangle. >> he assumed she was using birth control. >> was simon tricked or was he just careless? >> his attorney should advise him to not take a paternity test. >>> inside the mind of anthony weiner. >> i violated the trust of my wife. but i'm not going to quit based on that. >> his former sexting mistress speaking out. >> he had a lot of fantasies as far as he loved me in heels. >> now will more women come forward? >>> a real housewife of new jersey and her husband indicted for fraud, facing 50 years behind bars.
and hunter pence are the two candidates. no joy in texas beat the a's 4-0 today. nate freiman had two hits for the a's, who have lost four of five. rangers, on the other hand, have won six of seven and sheehy half games of the al west division leading a's. they play the reds on tuesday. if bart workers do go on strike, some commuters may be able to use golden gate transit busses and ferries as an alternative. been a triumph? >> let us your kron 4 7 day around the bay some sunshine. with mostly sunny skies your kron 4 7 day around the bay and all so, 4 look forepaw if we will be vastly more information on the ford strike stay with us, killing of 11 if pm has (music) >>> simon cowell's love child controversy. will he be forced to take a paternity test? >>> plus, new details on the anthony weiner scandal. i'm rob marciano. >>> simon, the married new york socialite, and the baby at the center of the alleged love triangle. >> he assumed she was using birth control. >> was simon tricked or was he just careless? >> his attorney should advise him to not take a paternity test. >>> inside t
as the a's pulled within a half-game of al west-leading texas. try lightening. red flag warning with dry lightning! see you 11:00 p.m. (music) (music) { these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. >>> oprah's first words after her handbag racism controversy. plus, paula dean's next move after her discrimination claim was dismissed. i'm brook anderson. >> you told nancy o'dell something and it's -- >> why lady o is apologizing to the swiss after our headline-making interview. >> can i see that bag. >> no, it's too expensive. >> then i find out how much the bag is, and, you know what, she was right. >> a judge ruled in favor of paula dean in the case that reveelsz her use of the n-word, but can her empire recover? bachelor star gia reportedly found hanging. th
, and united states. manila and drove phone is made in texas before today i would have thought they would have made in china but it cost google $4 a fan fest the difference. >> reporter: google glass has found its way into the operations room. a global glassware researcher transfer lines to jam of knee surgery in to students and other physicians. at the ohio state with certain medical center in all, as ohio. >> reporter: the next iphone lands in stores because of it at that fail by t mobil. between employee vacation palatka out is a >> jacqueline: this will increase our swap sea breeze today last of a sea breeze and floss which means warmer temperatures after the break. a7 >> jacqueline: are and the bellies dropped a few degrees. we still hit 90 in fairfield and action 91 in napa and two degrees warmer than yesterday's. we saw 70 degrees temperatures for our bay shores. it will clear out faster tomorrow but we saw today which will lead to warmer conditions. so here's a look at fog trucker tomorrow morning widespread low cloud coverage. my intent is back to our bay shore and lingering retreatin
place texas. 6-2. more on this story that will not go away. of course alex rodriguez is the biggest name. and word is he's been given a sunday 3pm deadline to accept an immediate ban that would take him through the 2014 season, or face a lifetime ban. rodriguez lawyers are on record that he will fight it.and with $100 million left on his contract with the yankees who could blame him. bottom age 38 his career may be over. there are 8 other players involved. monday, will probably know the fate. with probably 850-100 game suspension however, bartolo kolon.l. is off the hook. 49ers news - and it isn't pretty after an mri confirmed a torn left acl for cornerback chris culliver who will now miss the entire upcoming season. more niner news - they have bolstered their depleted wide receiving core by signing former cal bear lavelle hawkins who played his first five season with the tennessee titans.and tried to latch on with new england this past may before being released.but apparently impressed coach harbaugh enough in his workout yesterday to land him a roster spot with the niners. also
, with three home runs. he had five, going into the game and even more with texas about to finish off houston. and the a's will remain of the american league west. >> and alex rodriguez. i would say that it is half cheering and half of boeing, the crowd. half--the crowd booing... and previously, with to kneecap surgeries, he's got everything working. he was removed in the ninth and the yankees had victory, 4-3. and ryan vogelson was on the pitcher mount, 2-0 = baltimore. rodriguez baltimore with ryan vogelsong returning to the mound. a's/jays window washers high up at top 1st/scoreless >> i do not think that he deserved to beat suspended but perhaps a couple of games here and there but i think that 214 games is personal. jed lowire 3-run home run to right off esmil rogers 3-0 next pitch and rocks my world one of my ithe e-mails segment. >> and can you slow down on colin kaepernick. he is alread ihal of you have him -- already in the hall of fame -- any of not even got in into the new season yet. >> i cannot think that anybody has his talent or skills. it has been a longer time since we have s
't the first for major league baseball. >> catherine: in 2011 - cameras caught this texas rangers fan falling about 20 feet to his death going over the balcony - trying to catch a ball tossed to him by outfielder josh hamilton. the man had apparently been trying to get a ball for his little boy who was standing alongside him. and saw it all happen. >> reporter: >> reporter:a lawsuit could put a stop to the proposed merger of american airlines and u-s airways. --vo script-- the justice department and attorneys general from six states and d-c filed an antitrust lawsuit challenging the 11- billion-dollar merger. the d-o-j says it would decrease competition, creating higher airfares, baggage fees and less service for customers. analysts view the lawsuit as somewhat of a surprise since recently the d-o-j allowed delta and northwest to combine and united and continental to merge. but that was when the airline industry was losing money and mergers were seen as necessary for survival. now, airlines are making billions of dollars thanks to higher fares and lots of fees. however, american has been unde
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13